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  • Nightmare of Fussa music video

Nightmare of Fussa music video


"Nightmare of Fussa" takes place in Fussa, Tokyo, with Mike Larry Draw guiding the audience back to the era of horror style sounds with hard drums and melodic notes.



Here, Mike Larry Draw once again uses his Roland Sp machine to pioneer beat performances, cultivating new ways to push his culture forward.


The atmosphere of the video matches the track perfectly, dark and eerie. Wearing his Black Doro Assembly hoodie, Mike is seen on a crossing bridge in Japan surrounded by the night expressing the song through movement, displaying nothing but metalcore/moshpit energy. This video is a one-take LIVE performance with an attention grabbing video edit. A perfect example of what happens in the one-take stays yet with interesting edited metaphors and anime reference. This video is so much fun to watch that you'll want to watch it again and again, Disney movie style. There are moments in the video where we have the opportunity to see the videographer piloting the drone used to film Mike's performance. He goes by the name Yo Ramos and is intentionally placed within the video to show the collaboration solidarity between audio and visuals. We are excited to see what Mike Larry Draw does next.

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