Welcome to the Decentralized section of my site. In this section we focus on exclusive art that will not be put on any platform but you are able to own. Everything on this page is limited edition and are NFT's.


This NFT is a Collaboration between Anna Diorio, (Emcee) Speig (Producer) and Mike Larry Draw

(Co Producer, Art Director, Mix and Master engineer)


Mike Larry Draw and Anna Diorio Trade lyrical puns, similes  and metaphors at each other as they build an intense bar heavy soiree

over Speig’s production. The instrumental creates an eerie tone while the two emcees cover great territory of vocal textures giving the listener an endorphin boost. 

The visual of the NFT is as follows.

Top left: Mike Larry Draw

Bottom Left: Speig

Center right: Anna Diorio



This NFT is the First release of many to come. Im sitting on some amazing music and visuals. The more the support the better it will get.

Check it out!!!!!

This NFT comes with the full song (unlockable content)